Ku-tan Narita International Airport Character in Japan

Welcome Welcome Welcome to Japan!

Continuing in my series of funny, cute and adorable Japanese mascot characters or “Yurukyara”, I would like to introduce you to Ku-tan from Narita Airport. You can see him here with some friends, along with some cool plane-related machines, etc., at a recent Narita Airport Festival.
I am surprised that he is not a bit taller…but he definitely looks like he is having fun with his friends.


There are a lot of secrets about Ku-tan that you will need to know just in case you run into him at Narita Airport on your next visit.

According to his homepage here
His vital statistics are as follows:
He is a boy, dreams of being a hero, loves flowers, likes to take morning walks on pristine, clean runways, his personality is filled with passion and he has a lot of energy to give his best effort. Although he can sometime be a bit air-headish since his name includes the character for “empty air”. He is really into the star badge he found at the airport and likes his goggles he can change depending on his mood and the weather.

Maybe you have heard the word “chan” associated with someone’s name? It is a term of endearment and is often used at the end i.e. Ruthie-chan, Gen-chan, or Hana-chan. In the same way, Japanese people use “tan”! So Ku-Tan is a very endearing name for a cute little guy who likes flowers, taking walks on runways and changing his goggles style to match his mood.

You’ll see little Ku-tan dolls and some various gift items in shops all over Narita airport so please stop to pat him on the head. The Narita staff will be so pleased to know you are happy to meet their mascot and all of us are happy to know you’ve made the effort to visit us here in Japan.

Ku-tan has an overall rank of 4 out of 5 stars so he is doing very well in the overall Yurukyara ranking. Join in by giving him your review here


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