Summer is here time to head to the beach!

Surfing, camping on the beach or turtle watch

It's getting hot and today I would like to recommend a few places to go to cool off at the beach.
I live in the Tokai area, there for my advice are for people in Nagoya area.
At the end of I will post a link for surf spots locations that is near you regardless of where you live in Japan.

If you have been living in Nagoya and you are a beach person you might have heard of a place called Utsumi located South of the Chubu International Airport. This place is famous and crowed. Kind of like city life on the beach.

If you are looking for an escape a feel out of the city. Grab a friend with a car or rent a car out to Irago. It is about 2.5 hour drive past Toyohashi.
The place makes you feel like you have came far out of the city with lots of green and a long cost line. I love the place and what it has to offer.

So what to do?
For beginners I would recommend a place called Long Beach.
There is a connivance store near by has toilet and showers with large parking area.

If you are out to surf check out local surf shop Keepers they can provide you with rental boards and good advice about the beach.

If you are looking for an activity to do I highly recommend seeing Tanakasan.
He is a costal reporter and has an NPO called Omotehama Network
Mr. Tanakasan sets up beach cleans and also records local turtle nesting.
This is his link for events.

You Tube link to the turtles you can meet.

For the people outside of the Nagoya area and wondering where to surf.
Please see the link below. It is a famous surfing information link.

Please contact a local surf shop before trying it out. Surfing is extremely addictive and fun but can also be life taking if you don't know the area and the water current. Make sure to ask them what to look out for and highly recommend taking surf lessons.

Enjoy and Have fun
My Onegai is when leaving the beach leave it cleaner then when you came!

Last here is a link give a feel of surfing experience

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Yuuki I

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