When I don't have a clear idea of what type of food (bento) to buy, I always choose SUKEROKU bento.

It is simple bento, kind of Sushi without raw fish.
As you see the picture, two kinds of sushi are in.

One is NORIMAKI, rolled by seaweed, inside :
Kanpyo, brown color, cooked vegetable, boiled by soy sauce and sugar.
Denbu, pink color, sweet taste, it is fish meat!
Egg, you may see this at any Sushi restaurants, little sweet.

Another is INARI, wrapped by Abura-age boiled by soy sauce and sugar.
Abura-age is deep fried Tofu.

Both tastes are little sweet and sour, sour is from sushi rice.

I love SUKEROKU. You can find it at any convenience stores.

By the way, the name SUKEROKU comes from one of famous KABUKI play, and it's main actor's name.

by Moo Moo

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