Japanese Famous Snacks

There are many kind of snacks in Japan

Do you know Japanese snacks?
You can find many kind of snacks easily at convenience stores and supermarkets.

You will hesitate what to buy.
So I will recommend snacks that you must eat when you come to Japan.


Every Japanese will say "Umaibo is the most famous snack in Japan".
There is no one who does not know Umaibo.

Umaibo means "Delicious Bar" which is corn snack.
(Words fail to describe! Just try!)
You can buy it just 10 yen≒0.1$.
It is sold at any convenience stores and supermarkets.

There are 20 kind of flavors.
Favorite flavor is different in individuals.
Popular flavors are Cheese, Corn potage soup and Seasoned cod roe.
Try to find your favorite flavor!

Japanese often use Umaibo as a joke.
"What will you buy if you get 1,000,000 yen?"
"I will buy 100,000 Umaibo!"

If you can use an above joke, Japanese will be surprised.

Pizza Potato Chips

When it comes to chips, I believe that Pizza Potato Chips is the most delicious.

You have had many flavor of chips before?
Do not say that until you have this.
Pizza Potato Chips is really special.
Chips have grated cheese. Taste is pizza itself.

My American friend really like this.
When he had Pizza Potato Chips first time, he shouted like this
"What's this! So good good!!!".
From that time, he eats it every day.

You can buy it just 148 yen≒1.5$.
It is sold at any convenience stores and supermarkets.

Please be careful that if you eat too much, you will put on weight.
Eat moderately!

by Haruzou

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