Mt.Fuji viewing over the Tokyo Bay from Chiba/Makuhari

As you know, Narita International Airport is located in Chiba Prefecture. Makuhari City in Chiba Prefecture has the venue for international exhibitions and events as well as multiple first-class hotels to welcome international tourists and business people. Makuhari City also provides easy access to a couple of outlet malls such as the one in Sakura City and Kisarazu City for a day of great shopping. Makuhari City is so-called little-known good spot for international visitors.

Though it isn't known to many Japanese people, Makuhari City is indeed a great Mt.Fuji viewing spot. It is a valuable secret those in the know, know it very well and I am willing to share it here with those who can appreciate!

There is a famous painter back in Edo period who was attracted to such beauties of Mt.Fuji. A Japanese artist and ukiyo-e painter, Katsushika Hokusai's ukiyo-e print "The Bay of Noboto in Shimosa Province" is to depict the beauty of Mount Fuji over the Tokyo Bay. It is from his series work, Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji (Fugaku sanjûrokkei).

Noboto, a small fishing village, was located on the east coast of the bay of Edo. It was one of the important port where various goods, such as annual rice tax and marine products, were shipped through from Boso Peninsula to Edo City. There used to be a small shrine on the hill above the beach with some “tori” gates and Noborito Shrine still exists today at the same location.

by Daijo

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