Tokyo Bay Fireworks - HANABI Special buffet Dinner

The Tokyo Bay Fireworks are held north of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay. They feature about 12,000 fireworks launched from barges anchored in the water.

They have official viewing spots at Harumi Park (15 minute walk from Toyosu Station), but transportation will be really bad especially after the show. Additional trains are often employed before and after major firework shows, but they tend to be very very crowded. Also you have to arrive early enough to secure good viewing spots.

Having said all that, here is some good offer from Daiichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort. The fireworks can also be seen from other places around the bay and Tokyo Seafort has the best viewing spot on their 28th Floor. They offer special buffet package and you can enjoy Hanabi with Jazz live.

Hanabi Special Buffet Package 20,000 yen per person includes :

- Best Hanabi viewing from their "TOP of the BAY" lounge (at 100m) with dessert of the patissier and Jazz LIVE
- Special Buffet and Dessert Dinner in the restaurant on the 3rd floor (Sushi, Beef stake, Tempura etc)
- Free Drink service at both of the above locations during your stay

My frineds had a wedding party at their TOP of the BAY floor and I know their view is superb. Also, I have eaten at their restaurant a couple of times and they always taste very good. So, this is expensive one, but I can assure you won't be dissapontied and that the package will be a satisfactory treat on the special night.

The information can be found on their Japanese website only, but you can make reservations at 03-5460-4646.

Daiichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort website:

Also, I recommend their Teppanyaki Restaurant "Tennozu" on the 28th floor. The food was a revelation and the atmosphere was romantic. Absolutely fabulous. Another friend of mine got proposed while they dined there. :-)


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