Pub Restaurant "APOLLO"

Looking forward to its 2nd Tokyo Olympic Game in 2020!

APPOLO is a restaurant of long standing, established in Yokohama in 1964, the 1st Tokyo Olympic year! The 50-year-old sleek pub restaurant is looking forward to seeing its 2nd Tokyo Olympic Game in 2020. The Owner and bartender, Mr.Seiji Ishihara (his nickname is "Chan"-san) is committed to hang on and hold out until 2020!

After opening their Parthenon-like door, you go upstairs and will find the counter and some tables with red gingham check tablecloth on.

On top of a variety of cocktail service, the restaurant has a bottle keep service (without time limit) and you can purchase OLD BAR (12,000 yen) and Suntry Royal, etc. They also offer very delicious light meals such as Neapolitan and peperoncino pasta at 1,000 yen each, Chicken dish and beef stew at 1,500 yen each.

They have a nostalgic jukebox with which you can select 3 songs for 100 yen. You can enjoy all kinds of standard songs like "Stardust" "My Way" and "The House of the Rising Sun". When Apollo was established a way back, there were a lot of Greek sailors in the area and the jukebox has a lot of Greek songs even today. Apollo is the place you can go alone and still have a good time thanks to the owner who pays great attention to every details to ensure their time there is the real satisfactory treat. It is also impressive how he keeps the 50-year-old place so neat and clean which reflects his dedication and values in life. I would like to highly recommend Apollo for you to stop by once.

Apollo is located in the neighborhood of two local favorite shopping streets; Isezaki-cho shopping street and Yokohama-bashi shopping street. I can assure you will have a great time to walk around the area before Apollo opens at 7pm.

Address: 4-45 Akebono-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama city
Tel : 045-261-2576
Nearest stations :
Bando-bashi Stations at Subway Blue line or
Kogane-cho Station at Keihin Kyuko line
You can also take a taxi from Kannai Station (about 1,000 yen ride)
Closed on Tuesdays
Business hours :
7pm - 4am on Week day and Saturday
7pm - 2am on Sunday


by Suetsumuhana

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