Sea foods bowl restaurant "Kaishu" in Odawara

Odawara is the station many people pass by when they visit popular Hakone. We happened to walk around Odawara for the first time when we visited Hakone last time. There, we found a very good restaurant specializing in sea foods bowls(Donburi),"Kaishu". With such a colorful restaurant's front face, we could not help walking in. Then, it really turned out to be a nice choice.

I ordered a bowl with today's three kinds of local fish and they were very fresh and tasty. My partner ordered Sashimi and Tempura teishoku and it had such a delicious shrimp tempura. The staff there was very friendly and nice.

When you get a chance to explore Odawara and try some restaurants, I recommend you to first stop by at the Tourist information office inside the Odawara Station. They give away a brochure of all the available restaurants in the area with lots of coupons. We got a bowl of fresh Shirasu at Kaishu by the coupon!

By JR Tokaido Shinkansen you can access Odawara in about half an hour from Tokyo or Shinagawa Station (about 3500 yen one way, please note that only Kodama trains and selected Hikari trains stop at Odawara Station). With JR trains you can only get as far as Odawara, from where you will have to use non-JR trains or buses into the Hakone area. The popular "Hakone Free Pass" is also available for use from Odawara Station.


by EmiOnishi

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