Beautiful Kyoto

There is no end to its beauty!

Kyoto is a beautiful city where you discover small temples and shrines around the corner. One step inside and you are in another world, free from the noise of the city, stressless, peaceful. All it takes is a walk along Kamo river, and some curiosity to look around the corners...

So, if you have already seen the must-see of Kyoto and all its bling bling, and you want to enjoy the city for yourself, and without one million tourists, but still, have a look at the essence of Japan, this is my recommandation:

Start your walk along Kamogawa around Kawaramachi-yonjo. Walk North, upstream until you reach Shimogamo shrine. It is in the middle of a very beautiful parc, full of trees. The alley looks like it will take you to your better self. And there, you will find quiet and peace everywhere! If you are lucky, you will be able to witness a procession.

Another nice spot is the Byodoin in Uji. Byodoin is a temple from Pure Land Buddhism. This temple is the one embossed on the 10 yen coin and there is a reason: it will make you waouw! It is an absolute must-see on everyone's list but because Uji is a bit remote, the temple is less crouded.

You need to take JR train, Nara line to Uji; (15 minutes by express train, 25 by local train). From there, it is a walking distance. The temple has been restored recently so it is just, awesome. Imagine Japan? This is it! You can wander in the garden, perfectly groomed to look like it's nature's work, visit a very nice museum before entering the inside of Byodoin (For this, you need to get a ticket once inside that will also tell you what time you may enter the temple so it is better to get your ticket as soon as you enter the site. Only 50 people at one time can enter inside the temple to let you enjoy it properly)

I am a big fan of huge buddhas and I have met many of them. Byodoin's Amidda-buddha is on my top 5 list. He is so beautiful and peaceful and the representation of the Pure Land, with musicians in the clouds, surrounding him makes you looking for the trip (well, at least, makes you feel at peace with the fact that you are mortal).

by Claire

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