Local Secret: Kappabashi

From crockery to coffee, Kappabashi has it all

A 15 minute walk down 'Butsudan Road' (where all the Buddhist altar companies have their showrooms) from Ueno station lies Kappabashi, a street full of restaurant goods.

These range from awesome crockery to individual taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) forms, and of course the amazing plastic food you see in restaurant windows. There are also a few antique stores hidden here and there, and Kappabashi Coffee is a lovely place to chill.

Besides being a fascinating little area, it is also an ideal place to shop for inexpensive but high quality souvenirs, such as porcelain, cute chopstick holders and rice crackers.

The buildings are pretty awesome too, bright and showy. They attract lots of admiration, especially the giant chef's head and the famous tea cup apartment building.

Since it is right between Ueno and Asakusa, you can then make a detour to Ueno park and Ameyokocho, or head over to the temples and kimono stores in Asakusa.

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by Chiara

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