Best Way to Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Japan

World Cup Viewing in Japan

Are you a soccer fanatic, bummed out that you won't be in Brazil to witness the excitement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Don't worry, even if you're here in Japan, on the opposite side of the globe, there are ways to thoroughly enjoy the world cup. You must go to one of the multiple Public Viewing events held across Japan.

While J-league only attracts a limited audience, soccer has become one of Japan's most popular sports over the years and any of the national team's games sparks a nation-wide soccer craze. This is especially true during the world cup season. Everyone I know watches the games and on game days, you will see people in trains wearing the jerseys to express their support.

Cheering for the Japanese team is fun too. The cheering style is very well coordinated with catchy songs and a lot of jumping. The best way to experience this is at a Public Viewing event.

This year, these events are being held at big stadiums like Saitama stadium and Tokyo Dome. Fans come together, united with "samurai blue" face paint and their jerseys, to watch the national team play on a mega tv screen. I will be joining my fellow fans on the 15th at "magic beach" in Odaiba.

Besides huge public viewing events, you can also go to any of the multiple sports bars where fans will go crazy.
I would recommend going to a bar in Shibuya. In case of a victory, follow the crowd to the famous Shibuya intersection. Multitudes of soccer fans always celebrate a victory here, shouting victory, singing songs, and giving each other high-fives.

If you are visiting this June, during the world cup season, don't miss the Japanese soccer craze!

by GenS