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There are plenty of places to get a cup of coffee in Japan. Every convenience store, a Starbucks or Tullys on every corner it seems, and numerous tea and coffee shops and restaurants.

But, when you're ready for a really good cup it's hard to beat the little shops owned by someone who has an obvious love for their craft.

Jalk (pronounced Yalk) in Nishi Eifuku is such a place. The owner roasts the beans and you choose from the selection of roasted beans in the showcase - left to right the taste gets stronger, but strong still means excellent. They then grind the beans to perfection and slowly pour the water over the ground beans in a cloth filter. The coffee is poured into a warmed cup and brought to you along with fresh cream, not milk. We take our coffee black and trust me, Jalk's coffee is fine sans cream and sugar. I had the Ethiopian beans and my wife had Kenyan.

We also tried the home made cheesecake - perfect. - and the toast with butter and New Zealand honey, also very good.

To find it get off the train at Nishi Eifuku (Inokashira Line) and exit on the north side. Down the steps and left at the corner to the traffic light. Cross, turn right and immediately left at the Tomod's drugstore. Jalk is a few steps on your left

The interior is decorated with wood and vintage furnishings from Sweden giving it a warm relaxed atmosphere.

The first cup is 500 yen and a refill is 200 yen.

See the map in Japanese only at http://www.jalkcoffee.com/


by Joe Peters

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