Are You a Roller Coaster Fanatic? Don’t Miss Fujikyu Highland in Japan

Crazy Roller COasters in Japan

Located in Fuji Yoshida, right below Mt.Fuji, Fujikyu Highland is world renown for its multiple award winning rides. This brief description of each of the crazy rides at Fujikyu will surely get you on that bus leaving Shinjuku early in the morning to the land of mind-blowing rides.

As you can assume from its name, the Fujiyama roller coaster was named after Mt.Fuji for the height it reaches. As you ride it, you almost feel like you reach the summit of Japan’s highest mountain. At its peak, the Fujiyama roller coaster reaches a height of 79m and a max speed of 130km/h, one of the highest and fastest in the world.

Dodompa is famous for its speed. After only 1.8 seconds of starting motion, it propels to its max speed of 172km/h. The feeling that this sudden speed creates is unreal. Dodompa is a must ride, especially since it includes a complete 90 degrees drop.

This ride is by far my favourite. It still holds the guinness world record for the roller coaster with the most number of spins. The ride goes in loops, while the coaster is spinning on one axis and your seat is spinning on another. Its a truly unique experience where you totally forget about gravity.

The Haunted House
I have to be honest, I have not been brave enough to enter this horror house. Although I'm an extreme ride fanatic, haunted houses are another story. But, if being trapped in a haunted house, built in a closed hospital, for just under an hour is your thing, you can't miss Fujikyu Highland. The haunted house here is known as the world's scariest. Its structured like a maze and is 900m long. For me, it would just be like being in hell.

Although it isn't situated in a convenient location, Fujikyu highland is a must for the adventurous traveller to Tokyo. It is also a perfect stop on your way to see Mount Fuji. Just beware of visiting in the winter. Its up in the mountains and is considerably colder than in Tokyo. Yes, its less crowded but you might end up frozen after rights like dodompa!

by GenS

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