Tokyo Kichi: A Hidden Dinner Spot in Shibuya

Its been almost an year since I took my girlfriend to Tokyo Kichi and I still can’t forget the wonderful experience we had there.

We decided to go after noticing a high rating on “tabelog” (Japanese version of yelp). Honestly, it was a challenge to find it at first. Although it was near the entrance of Shibuya’s famous “center-gai”, it is located on the 7th floor of one of the many buildings.

Both my girlfriend and I were very impressed by the laid-back, cozy atmosphere that we were drawn into as soon as the elevator doors drew open. The seats were all cozy, sofa chairs and blankets. We were fortunate enough to get seated in a special enclave that could be separated from the rest of the restaurant with a curtain.

Tokyo-kichi is renown for its scrumptious risottos. The carbonara risotto was particularly awesome. Also, the cocktails were very good and very cheap (300 yen per drink).

I will definitely be returning to Tokyo-kichi this summer with my girl friend and I hope to see you there!

by GenS

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