Fresh Handmade Udon and Soba Noodles

Fresh and handmade noodles are the best

The best udon and best soba is from restaurants that make their noodles fresh. This is a sign of a tasty shop, so the noodles will often be prepared near the entrance where you can see them. Watch the dough being rolled out and cut, it is fun.

To find the restaurants serving the tastiest food, also check these points.

Go to a restaurant specialized in just one thing. This applies to all Japanese foods, including tempura, ramen, udon, soba, and gyoza. It is a good sign if everyone seems to order the same thing. With just one specialty, you can be pretty sure that the restaurant makes it well.

Select a restaurant with an open kitchen. Any place that lets you watch the food being cooked and looks clean usually has good food. Even the smallest standing only corners are fine.

Enjoy all the different types of tasty noodles in Japan. They are all good!

Udon in Asakusa

For some quick udon in Asakusa I like Kamau 釜う on the corner next to Hanayashiki amusement park. This is a Sanuki Udon shop, serving Kagawa prefecture style noodles. Kamau has a menu with pictures and a vending machine for food tickets. Select what you want, then hand the ticket to the staff to order. Kanau is open for lunch and closes in the later afternoon. Most udon is about 500-700 Yen. You can order some tempura as a side. Udon shops often serve tempura with the noodles.

by David

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