“Benkyoukai” Helps People in Japan Get Ahead

Great way to meet people

Allow me to introduce you to a term Benkyoukai.
The term Benkyoukai is made up of three Kanji Characters and the first one is written as 勉, which means “exertion”. The second character is written as 強and it means “strong”. The third character is written as 会 and it means “meeting, association, party, interview or join”.
If you put the first two characters together 勉強, then it means “study” thus Benkyoukai means “study group or study meeting”. I’ve learned that many Japanese people like to attend Benkyoukai to improve their professional knowledge, expand their sphere of influence by networking and simply attend these social functions to enjoy the company of people with similar interest.
I am invited to several Benkyoukai during my time in Japan and you can learn anything from Japanese culture, business practices, special events to sports and hobby activities. To participate in these events, find an event you may be interested in via the web or if you know someone who attends these events, ask him/her for an invitation and register to attend the event. Usually there is a small entry fee to cover refreshments, which is served at the end. Also, it is a great opportunity to get to know other business related professionals or people with same interests. Typically, these event presentations are done in Japanese so it will be helpful if have basic understanding of Japanese language.
One of the Benkyoukais I often attend is sponsored by HRM Organization and their forte is business professionals and entities. You can find more information by writing to info@hrm.or.jp
Try attending one during your visit to Japan! I think you will enjoy it.

by AustinA

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