The Perfect Birthday Dinner at Antonio’s, Minami-Aoyama, Japan

Amazing Dinner Restaurants in Japan

For my mother’s Birthday last night, my sister and I decided to treat her to a special dinner at Japan’s oldest Italian restaurant, Antonio’s. We couldn’t have left more satisfied, a truly five-star experience.

Antonio’s was originally established in 1944 by Mr. Antonio who was a chef for the Italian Navy. For 70 years, Antonio’s has continued to serve superlative Italian cuisine over three generations.

My family and I were delighted to be greeted by Mr. Antonio (3rd generation) himself as we entered the quaint restaurant. We decided to order a la carte so that we could choose each of the dishes we would eat. We started with a classic tomato and mozzarella salad. For the mains, we ordered three spaghettis (pesto, carbonara, and specialty cream sauce), a mushroom risotto, and veal parmigiano.

Simply put, this meal was perhaps the best Italian food I have had in japan, my favorite being the veal. So tender, so tasty. The pistachio ice cream that came with the special desert assortment for my mother was also fantastic.

What really made the night a fantastic experience as a whole was the service. Even though we ordered a la carte, our waiter ensured that the portions were large enough for sharing. Also, the level of attention was just at that right point where waiters are continuously bothering you at the table but you also don't have any trouble getting their attention.

If you are planning a dinner for someone special during your stay in Tokyo, I definitely recommend Antonio’s!

by GenS

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