Vending Machines

Food Vending Machines

Yes, Japan has vending machines. Japan has the highest concentration of vending machines per person anywhere in the world. Supposedly there are approximately 1 vending machine for every 23 people. I don't know if this number is true or not, but you certainly won't go far, whether in the big city or in the rural countryside without coming across vending machines. I came across this Dole Banana vending machine while walking toward the famous BIC Camera electronics store via the underground tunnels in Tokyo from the Hibiya and Yurakucho subway stations, I was about to enter the basement entrance of BIC Camera when I took a double-take. There was a Dole banana machine! And there were customers buying bananas. What a great idea for when you need a healthy pick-me-up while you are out and about. I'm sure that you too will find many interesting types of vending machines selling all types of drinks, food or toys during your travels throughout Japan.

Drink Vending Machines

Within the last few years, video vending machines have become quite popular. These machines have beautiful HD touch screens showcasing the drinks that are available. These screens serve double duty - they are not only advertising the drinks available, but they also state the current temperature and weather report for the day as well. If you come in the winter time, the machines will offer a selection of both hot and cold drinks, such as coffees and cocoa in addition to the numerous types of ice coffees, green teas and soda pop. Also, conveniently located to the right of this machine is a receptacle for your empty glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans.

by Kevin

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