Where to visit when your in Aichi

Nagashima Onsen

Recommended place for family, couples, and friends.
Nagashima Onsen has it all.

I went there last year stayed at a near by Ryokan for a night.
The first day my friends and I went to the Theme Park.
One of the many must rides is the Steal Dragon.
It takes you up 97 meters feet dangled from your seat.
Is the highest roller coster in Japan and the longest ride in the world!! 2,479 meters long!

After a long day at the park we went to do some shopping.
There is a large shopping outlet right outside of the theme park.
Bought some Vans sneakers for 3,000yen and went into Oakley.
Oakley usually don't discount their products but you can find 30% off glasses at this store.

At night we headed to the Nagashima Onsen.
They renewed their onsen has lots of trees and has a river running in the middle of the many onsens they provide.
They have done a great job in making you feel your in the middle of the mountains.

Nagashima Onsen is about 45 minute drive from Nagoya.
You can take the Ise Wangan Highway (伊勢湾岸自動車道)and get off at Wangan Nagashima (湾岸長島IC)
You'll see a large theme park coming up you won't be able to miss it!!

by Yuuki I

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