"Tanaye" & "Club Harie"

These are special sweets "Taneya" designed for Children's Day this year. Aren't they pretty? Inside the paper boxes, they have several Chimaki, a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves, special sweets for Children's Day in Japan. Their mochi skin is so smooth and I bet you will be impressed with your first bite.

"Taneya" is my TOP1 Wagashi brand started in Shiga Prefecture, my home town where I grew up. They can be also found/bought in some of department stores in Tokyo these days. Having said that, I am happy to say the quality has not wavered. I always enjoy my time whenever I visit their shops as they have new attractive offerings that feature seasons of the year and their presentation skills are great. It makes me think they do have a group of great marketers to say nothing of skillful craftmen who have pride in their craftsmanship. I usually don't hesitate to throw away boxes and wrapping papers, but when it comes to Taneya's products, I feel like keeping them or even decorating the shelves with them. Of course, their taste is so good and I all rank it as among the best in Japan. Seriously I have never disappointed with their products. "Club Harie" is Taneya group's cake and pastry shop. They offer the most delicious baumkuchen in my opinion.


Do not miss out on the chance to experience tradition and quality at such a high level and reasonable price!

by EmiOnishi

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