Hoeiso ryokan in Hakone

Hoeiso is a ryokan, a Japanese traditional style inn, situated in the beautiful green mountains of Hakone, right by a river. Hoesio is a family owned Ryokan, opened in 1956, with around 20 rooms that are big enough to fit a family. Enjoy indoor and outdoor onsen, and feast on traditional Japanese dishes served in your room for dinner and breakfast. Their specialty is dishes made from pheasant, a Japanese national bird. During the evening it is possible to rent the outdoor baths by the river free of charge so that families and couples may enjoy bathing in the onsen together.

Wonderful service, beautiful rooms, and peaceful surroundings. One of my best ryokan experiences which I gladly recommend. Some staff speak English, but all are friendly and eager to make your experience both enjoyable and memorable.

Hoeiso is just a short taxi or bus drive from Hakoneyumoto station. A good place to rest while enjoying the national park of Hakone and the areas around Mt Fuji.


by Emelie Fågelstedt

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