Preserved alpha rice

Have you ever heard of preserved alpha rice? It is packed in pouch and very useful for disaster cases. Even without gas or electricity, it can be cooked with hot water or water!

We joined the children's outdoor event the other day and one of the NPO groups was demonstrating how to cook preseved alpha rice in order to educate people about emergency provisions. You pour the boiling water into the pouch and the rice will be ready in 20 minutes. Even with water, it can be ready in 60 minutes. These are very useful because we can keep it for emergency cases. Well, it was unexpectedly tasty and really easy to cook.

As I googled "alpha rice", wow, there are a variety of flavors available today!

Maybe everybody should keep a couple of these at home today in case of emergency.

They were giving away a "Kanpan" (ship biscuit), which is rather a well-known emergency provisions in Japan.

by EmiOnishi

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