My most favorite SUSHI place....

Not in Ginza, Tsukiji, or Akasaka.... but in Nihonbashi (Suitengu-Mae)

As promised, this is to introduce my most favorite Sushi place. Sushi Yoshi is the name. Yoshi-san is very young, but doing a great job. What I like most here is "shari" (or "rice") under the "neta" (or "fish"). Not too soft, not too hard, just right. Believe or not, that makes a HUGE difference in Sushi, and he is very confident about his rice.

Since this is not Ginza or Akasaka or even Tsukiji (although not too far), the price very reasonable (relatively). If you don't drink much, you may get change from 10,000 per person. They do lunch as well dinner. Very nice place.

Sushi Yoshi
1-12-11, Nihonbashi-Ningyocho, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, 103-0013

You may want to ask the concierge to make reservation. He speaks a bit of English, though. And just say "Omakase" :-)

Hope you like it here.


by KIH

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