The season of fireworks will start soooooon!

Fire flowers they call them

Summer is the season of fireworks. In Japan, it is an absolutely orgiastic affair. Not to be missed.

To attend these fireworks, you need to prepare for extreme crowds, more or less disciplined, and to gear up with: drinks (if possible alcoholic one if you are more than 20 years old), a yukata (the coton version of the kimono), getta (the Japanese beach sandals), a fan, a camera and some friends.

This is the schedule for 2014 in Kanto area:
source: http://www.smile-hanabi.jp/area_search.php?input_kaisai_flg=0&input_walk=0&input_hitode=0&input_free=0&input_season=5&area=104

May 29 (19:30-20:15): Zushi Kaihin (in Kamakura)
June 2 (20:20-20:55): Yokohama Kaiko Festival
July 12 (19:20-20:10): Kurihama Perry Festival
July 19:
(20:00-21:00) Chichibu Kawase
(19:30-20:30) Adachi
July 22 (19:20-20:20): Katsushika
July 23 (19:20-20:10): Kamakura
July 26
(19:00-20:30): Sumida (in Asakusa, one of the major one)
(20:00-20:30: Yugawara
August 2, (19:15-20:30): Edogawa (Kasai area)
August 5 (19:00-20:30) Kanagawa Shimbun - Yokohama Minato Mirai
August 10 (18:50-20:10) Tokyo Bay (Harumi, Shinagawa, Odaiba)
August 24 (19:45-20:45) Chofu City

by Claire

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