Kameido Tenjin Shrine

the season of palownia is ending...

If you still have a few hours to kill in Tokyo, Kameido's Tenjin Shrine is a nice spot to visit. It is at walking distance from the Skytree Tower. I like the way modern constructions mixe with traditional ones.

The shrine is located in quite a large parc with a pond and a forest of palawnia. Fuji in Japanese.

Fuji is not only a flower but also a color and I let you guess which one it might be. It is also the name of the mother of Genji, the 10th century Prince who could not become Emperor because is mother, Fuji tsubo, was a courtisane of lower rank (but the favorite of the Emperor). The Tale of Genji was written by a women (yes) in the 10th century. She is called Murasaki shikibu. It is the first novel ever. And so, Fujitsubo, is the mother of the hero of the Tale of Genji. Fujitsubo means "the pot with pawlonia". So you may think that it is not such a nice name for a women but then, they were called by the place their were living in. So, today, the Japanese language still has this tradition. For instance, "wife" is called "okusan" among other possibilities, meaning, the person from the backyard.

If you go to Tenjin, you may want to write an ex voto. The god of this temple is specialized in successful graduation. At the look of the ex voto "tree", you understand that this god is very busy...

If you take time to wander around, you will discover coffee shops and small restaurants that will surprise you. I like the "mowa et towa" best. There are also senbei shops and inari sushi shops. The real thing, family affairs...

Kameido means the tortoise pond. You may find some at Tenjin Shrine too.

by Claire

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