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Senpai (先輩) and Kōhai (後輩)

For thousands of years, Japan has been building sustainable systems for everything, from rice planting to entertaining overseas visitors. So, if you're planning to visit, we've been waiting for you! All you have to do is plug in, let a Licensed Private Tour Guide know your interests and itinerary, and hold on for the whirlwind tour of a lifetime!

Why are Professional Tour Guides so Important?

Unless you have family in Japan, the language and cultural barrier is very difficult to overcome on your own. Senpai (先輩) and Kōhai (後輩) are terms applied to the mentor system in wide use in Japanese culture. Found at all levels of education, in sports clubs, businesses, and informal or social organizations, Senpai is roughly equivalent to the Western concept of mentor, while Kōhai is roughly equivalent to protégé. Senpai implies a relationship with reciprocal obligations, similar to a mentoring relationship. Senpai pledge to guide, protect, and teach Kōhai as best they can. Bilingual Licensed Private Tour Guides are part of an ancient and established system designed to introduce you to the Real Japan that most visitors never get to see.

What are You Waiting For?

The Internet now gives visitors the ability to predetermine areas of interest and to choose guides with proven reviews and local experience. Start your search now, and find The One who will open the Golden Door just for you!

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