Jain, Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian? Welcome to Swagat Tokyo!

Excellent Indian for Specialized Foodies

If you are here in Japan and have some specific food choices/requirements like vegetarian, vegan, Jain food, or Halal food due to health or religious reasons, the prospect of visiting and staying a while in Tokyo or greater Japan for business or personal reason can be daunting.

Forget that concern and take your first flight to Tokyo! Allow us at Swagat to support the food aspect of your stay :) I started the SWAGAT retaurants several years ago to meet the needs of vegetarians, Jain, Vegan and Halal requirements for people in Tokyo. My most recent Tapas restaurant, SWAGAT – the Indian food restaurant at the heart of Tokyo in Roppongi, will definitely relieve your worry regarding cuisine and help you enjoy your stay in Japan.

Swagat Indian Tapas Bar
2F, Le Renault Roppongi
Roppongi 6-7-7, Minato Ku Tokyo 160-0022
Tele/Fax: 03 - 3497 - 9021

Lunch: 11:00 - 15:00 Dinner: 17:00 - 22:30 (Sunday Holiday)

Food from all over India at Swagat

Swagat has gone beyond the traditional Nan, Chicken or curry that one imagines as Indian food and introduced personally chosen food varieties from different part of India. You can taste Paani Puri or Samosa Chat or Dosa or Kanda Poha i.e the very snacks that define the street food from the streets of Delhi –Mumbai to Chennai in South. Add to it, Swagat is the one of the very few or only places where one gets fresh baked Chapatis or Tawa Parathas with a home-made touch. There is a wide variety of curries which change daily and one is assured of local fresh ingredients and vegetables.

The staff is very friendly and if you mention about your special food choices or any allergies in particular, they are more than happy to serve you with the perfect combination of food menu.

If you are travelling around, then you can get the bentos (carry packs) packed with Parathas or Kathi rolls with pickles or samosas so that even when you are touring the interiors you need not worry on the food front and enjoy travelling within Japan.

So say good bye to the fear of food or language and do visit Japan to enjoy the art – culture – people while comfortable with your own choice of food.

by suku