Japan's Deepest Bay Produces Great Fish and Awesome Views

Mt. Fuji, Hawks, Fish, Spider Crab... An Excellent Day Trip


Let me introduce you to a place call Suruga Bay, which is located in Izu Peninsula of Shizuoka prefecture, which has the deepest bay in Japan and it extends to 2,500 meters below the sea level (Bay of Bengal is the deepest bay in the world with 2,574 meters).

The weather during the visit was perfect and Mt. Fuji can be seen close and extremely well. If you visit there, the Suruga Bay boat ride is a must and it takes around 25 minute of feeling one with the nature and you can enjoy fresh air, mysterious deep sea, and the surrounding beautiful scenery with Japanese symbol, Mt. Fuji in the background. The city of Numazu can experience tsunami, just like most Japanese eastern coast so they’ve constructed tsunami barrier gate to the harbor, which the boat goes under when departing for this tour. If a tsunami is on its way, this gate structured at the entry point of the harbor will lower to protect the people and the structures inside. The boat ride was spectacular with hawks and seagulls trailing us so I purchased a bag of bird food (or can be a human food for it tasted scrumptious) and threw them in the air so that the hawks can catch them in the air. The hawks have such good eye sights that they will dive down with tremendous speed, agility and grace to catch the food as it is tossed into the air. Even one hawk gave me a wink. : )

The color of the water at the bay turned to such a deep blue for those of you who may be lucky enough to go across the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean with ship will know the color I am describing to you. It was such a fascinating thing to think about land contour and how quickly it descends. Also, so many varieties of sea creatures live under this water deep and shallow.

The locals in this region harvest as well as studying Japanese spider crabs (Takashigani) for the last 50 years, which is the largest crab in the world. It reaching up to 12 feet (3.8 meters) and weighing up to 41 pounds (19 kg) and lives at the depth between 160 feet (50 meters) to 2,000 feet (600 meters). The cities nearby are famous for its rich variety of seafood. You can enjoy the seafood all along the Suruga Bay so try it and enjoy your visit.
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