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Try Saito Sushi in Numazu

Recently, I had an opportunity to eat “Sushi” at Saito Sushi Restaurant in Numazu, Japan, which is located in the Izu Peninsula south of Tokyo/Yokohama. The restaurant was recommended by a local taxi driver and the place is frequented by the local people as well as visitors from abroad so I decided to join the party.

The restaurant is a medium size establishment and had a traditional Sushi counter, seating, as well as separate rooms. I sat at the counter and ordered “Omakase”, which means’ ”I will leave it up to you”. The dish came with 10 variations of Sushi ranging from Tuna, Egg, Crab, Shrimp to other fish varieties. The dish included Miso soup and of course green tea. The cost was modest and the food tasted wonderful. I used my hand to eat sushi, added a bit of soy sauce taste and ate them as I have learned the use of hand to eat sushi is very proper and acceptable in Japan. Others at the counter were doing the same. When I used to eat in Sushi restaurants some time ago, I recall people eating sushi, taking sips of “sake” and most of all, they were enjoying each other’s company. Try eating Sushi using your fingers. You’ll love a new experience.

If you ever visit Izu peninsula to enjoy the natural beauty, friendly people and view Mount Fuji in the background, try Saito Sushi restaurant in Numazu for you will not be disappointed. Also, try the boat ride at the deepest bay in Japan.

Here is a link to the restaurant for you just in case:

by AustinA

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