Temomin will Ease Tense Muscles

Japanese Massage Treatment

The Japanese term “temomi” comes from “te means hand” and “momi (or momu) means Massage”, thus it means hand massage.
I found such a place right next to JR Kanda Station (one station north of Tokyo station). Their office is about 30 seconds from the JR Kanda South Exit and when you exit the station, travel towards west or inland direction. You will find a two or three story building with a large sign on the facility.
Here is the link with photos of the building for your reference:

I’ve walked this path so many times traveling from JR Station Kanda to my office in Uchikanda and back to the station. I really did not pay attention to this place until my back and shoulder was sore and looking for a reasonably priced and fairly close location to my work to get massage. The place is small but comfortable with only 3 masseuses working there but the place is very popular, known for quality massages and provides reasonably priced service, thus it is popular with local salary man.

Massage is given with the clothes on and approximately 1 meter high partition provides privacy. I felt that the people who provide massage are professional and explains what is going on with your body so it gives me a feeling of security and comfort as well as relaxation. Though they do not speak much English, I can communicate with them by pointing and some simple English terms. However, here are a few words you can use to help communicate with them:

“Omakase” – leave it up to the masseuse
“Katakori” – sore upper back around trapezius and shoulder area
“Koshi itami” – sore lower back and the hip area
“Zutsuu” – headache
“Ashi itami” – sore feet and legs

As I said, if above terms do not work, then point to where it hurts as I do at times. The place opens up at 11:00 am until 10:00 p.m. during the weekday and 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the weekend and holidays. The lunchtime is most congested so try to avoid the going there. You can look up at the office window and be able to view the net available appointment time as well. This is also a franchise so you will see Temomin all around Japan. Once you get a massage at one place, you will receive a members point card and then no matter where else you go, you will get credited with points towards a future discount.

Try it and enjoy the experience!!!

by AustinA

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