"Gomatamago" - Tokyo sweet souvenir

You may not know it yet but one of the Tokyo "omiyage" you want most is the gomatomago. Goma means sesame seed and tamago means egg. Literally it is a sesame seed egg. It's a Tokyo specialty and previously available only at Tokyo Station. However, as it is getting popular, you can find it some other stations in Tokyo as well. Maybe at some flagship stores in Kansai area too.

A fresh box of gomatamago has either 8 pieces or 12 pieces. I bought the one with 12 pieces and it was 1,080 yen.They are individually wrapped nicely. I like how they design the package as it looks neat and valuable.

The white "egg shell" is made of chocolate.

Just past the shell is a thin layer of sponge cake. The black filling is a mixture of sesame seed and sweet bean.

A photo of black filling that might repel some people, but it is very delicious and I recommend you try it if you have not!

by EmiOnishi

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