Golden Week in Nihonbashi

Where to go for the Golden Week around the city in Tokyo

Time to Goldenweek here in Japan the end of April to the first week of May.
Many people will go to overseas for a trip or going back to a home town.

Many sightseeing places will be packed.
If you would like to feel "modern Japan" during the golden week, I will recommend "COREDO Muromachi" in Nihonbashi.
It's a business district but it is one of the new fancy spot in Tokyo.
There are 3 COREDO beautiful buildings. The all building concept is "Japan"
you can find many cool Japan shops and restaurants here in Coredo such as
Japanese style cafe "Wa- cafe" , Japanese grocery, interior shops even Japanese harbs cosmetics shop.
You never get board and I am sure you can find great gifts for you and your family. If you are tired for shopping, have a nice cup of tea at cafes.
All shops are "cool Japan" type of shops.
If you would like to mini world gourmet tour, try COREDO muromachi2. There are Mexican, Belgian beer bar, Tapas bar and Japanese Oyster bar as well as major Japanese restaurants ( Tonkatsu, Sushi e.t.c)

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