Sasebo Hamburgers

When one thinks of hamburgers, you usually think of the good old USA. However, if there's one thing Japan is good at, it is taking ideas, things and even foods from other countries, putting their own spin on it and making it uniquely Japanese.

While I was visiting Huis ten Bosch in Sasebo, I tried the famous Sasebo hamburger and I wasn't disappointed. It was very juicy and delicious. Oversize buns, burger and liberal amounts of sauce make it a slightly messy burger to eat and those always make the best burgers.

One major differentiating factor in the Sasebo hamburger is that they are all homemade and in many shops, they even bake their own buns. If you can make it to Sasebo, there are over 20 shops that all add their own unique spin to the Sasebo hamburger.

The Sasebo hamburger is another great reason people from all over the world, including the Japanese themselves, choose to visit Sasebo.

by Kevin

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