The Hakone Open Air Museum : Amazing place!

Beautifully landscaped park with Wonderful arts

The Hakone Open Air Museum is a beautiful landscape park with wonderful arts and the mountains as a backdrop. I recommend this as an unforgettable stop while exploring Hakone.

We went there in the afternoon on the way back from our Hakone trip as it has been always my favorite Hakone spot. We stayed there for a couple of hours only this time, but we could have stayed longer.

There are a lot of unique artworks by artist from around the world - a good mixture of modern and contemporary arts. One of my favorites is the Picasso gallery. They have a series of Picasso's paintings of his last wife Jacqueline - very happy work with which you can feel his last happy years with much love towards her.

Both adults and kids will love it here however, it is particularly great if you are travelling with young kids as there is plenty of space to run around. They also have a little separate building with several sculptures which kids can touch, climb and play around.

The museum has a variety of restaurants and shops in addition to the exhibition galleries. We had our lunch at a buffet place and we met several international tour groups during our stay there. Seems like a popular spot for foreign visitors. Surely a great choice!

Hakone Open Air Museum website :

*Remember to take your Hakone day pass coupon as there is a 200 yen discount for showing your free pass. (Regular admission : 1,200 yen).

by EmiOnishi

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