7 Reasons Why Tokyo is the New Paris - Food and Wine


A post from a Food and Wine writer about Tokyo... He highlights a few things (...obvious to us), but it is great coming from a "third-party Francophile". Tokyo certainly has great pastries (... and bakeries). While I cannot say I am a Parisian pastry expert given I've only been there 4-5 times, I can say that it's hard not to like the wide spectrum of pastry treats offered by the more authentic French pastry/boulangerie shops like Aux Bacchanales, Viron, etc., as well as the Japanese bakeries that offer all kinds of baked goodies. I am still a bit skeptical of the carb-on-carb sandwiches such as "yakisoba pan" or the "spaghetti sandwich" and even more questionable, the white bread sandwich filled with whipped cream and fruit (...why not just choose from a wide selection of delicious cakes?). Having said that, the rest of the bakery is full of yummy sweet and savory offerings.

I'm not a real coffee drinker so I won't comment, but some of you may have seen those elaborate coffee drip setups that look like a chemistry lab in some of the more serious Japanese traditional coffee houses. Usually I see older customers enjoy their coffee and aroma while listening to classic jazz. The Japanese certainly take food and drink to a extremely serious level, so I can imagine their coffee is excellent for the coffee lover.

As for the trains, the cheap eats, the outstanding restaurants, the flight to Japan, and the people, there just isn't enough room to comment, but I invite the other DJ sempai to offer their views!

by Teddy

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