Sushi Jiro....

... really up to you.

I have eaten there once. It was very hard to make reservation I heard from the friend who did for us.

Inside is not as lively as you would expect from the most of Sushi place. There is not much to choose from menu - just "Omakase" meaning you don't have a choice. I always ask for "Omakase" because I am too lazy to order :-)

Now, I don't have negative experience there as I can eat anything they offer, except lack of fun communication with the chef. If you become "regular" there, that may change, though. But for some, for example a friend of mine who went with me, there is an aspect which may be a bit upsetting. There are certain things he can't eat or doesn't like to eat, so he told the chef (not Jiro himself but younger one). He said "okay".

I don't remember how many pieces are in the "Omakase", and he ate one less - meaning that they do not offer the alternative if you don't like certain thing which is in the "Omakase". Well, he was upset (didn't complain there, but after we left he complained to me - we are Japanese :-)).

Anyway, whether the taste is reasonable for the price or not is very personal and subjective, so it is up to you, but again, note that if you don't like certain thing and you tell them so, you would just get one or more less pieces for the same price. That is the system. Not sure whether it is still that way, though.

By the way, I frequent the Unagi (eel) place in front of Jiro more often :-) I personally would give more star to that eel place - just my humble subjective opinion. My favorite Sushi place - I will write about it more someday.

Hope this helps.


by KIH

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