Cosplay in Harajuku

Head to Harajuku on a weekend to catch the young and trendy Tokyo crowd! Takeshita dori, the place to find the up-and-coming fashion trends of tomorrow, will be crowded, but a walk is well worth you time.

I read an interesting story in Japan Today yesterday about how to deal with your partner being in love with an anime character. One advice from girls having found themselves in the same situation, with their boyfriends being in love with two-dimensional manga characters, was to dress up in cosplay yourself to look like the character that make's your partner's heart beat faster.

This is of course not the only reason that the Japanese enjoy dressing up in cosplay ("costume play" - dressing up as a fictitious character or idea, often inspired by pop culture like manga, anime or video-games). But it does say something about the otuka culture here that people go looking for advice on how to deal with the issue of competing with an animated picture perfect character for their boyfriend's attention.

Finding yourself in the same situation? Read the full article and advice here:

Or just head to Harajuku yourself to get your daily dose of kawaii and talk to the amazingly dressed cosplayers over there!

by Emelie Fågelstedt

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