A Gentleman's Kimono Completes the Outfit in Japan

It is the simplicity that completes the day

Simple and clean, small Kobachi dishes contain lightly grilled fish, healthy Hijiki seaweed and a few other bites to complement an ochoko cup of dry rice wine. In the photo, the gentleman is taking his first sip of Sake after what may have been a long, stressful day. He may have come home around 8 p.m. or so after having a dinner of yaki-soba or yaki-tori with friends and he is ready for the cool down time after his ofuro bath and before turning tucking into his futon for the night.

There is a small vase with a few fresh flowers from his garden gracing his Tokonoma and we guess a Kakejiku (scroll art) hanging above. He sits barefoot with his feet under the low table and the warm, comforting scent of Tatami fills his nostrils and brings on a deep sense of completion in the day.

The kimono is wrapped with the left side on top for men and the right side on top for women. You will find a robe in the closet of your Japanese style Inn complete with belt and an over jacket called a Hanten. This is called a Yukata and is different from an actual Kimono (more casual) but it will give you an excellent taste of the cool, easy feel of traditional Japanese dress.

Just like the varied shapes and colors of the little plates and bowels on the chabudai table and exactly like the unique delicacies within, a kimono like this swag denim type or other intricately printed cotton versions will make a gent feel like he's discovered something new.

Kimono exudes depth and calm to ease your mind and freshen you throughout.


Former Deep Japan Writer