Karaoke Box in Japan – Reasonable amusements where foreigners can enjoy!

Japanese people are embarrassed to sing in front of strangers in general. Therefore, they prefer to go to Karaoke box with their friends and have fun singing popular songs in their private space. Even foreigners can casually enjoy Karaoke box without problem!

After you check in at reception counter, they will take you to one of their rooms. Rooms are air-conditioned and you can find yourself at home in a comfortable sofa. What you will do first is to order some foods and drinks on the menu. They are a variety of choices. Well, they are not the greatest of all, but taste OK.

After you order, you are ready to select your song. They have special remote-control devices and usually you can select languages from Chinese, Korean and English. There is also a very convenient search function based on name of songs, singers as well as popular song ranking.

Here are several other functions which allow you to enjoy further.

Play with “Saiten” (Score) – You sing along with on-screen guidance and receive a score out of a hundred based on pitch, timing and rhythm.

“Utasuki Douga” – Record your song and “Utasuki Douga” allow you to upload your sessions online. You can share your video clip online too.

“KyokuPro” – You can share your own written song at Karaoke and enjoy it with your friends by listening and singing together.

Karaoke rates are reasonable too. Some Karaoke box chain stores offer special discount rate during the day such as “Karaoke Room Utahiroba”. It depends on each store, but their Ginza branch offers an hourly rate of 680 yen during the weekday if you check in before 2pm. With that rate, you can sing as much as you want for 2 hours, have as much self-serviced drinks as you want and select one favorite dish under 490 yen. A good value!

I hope you enjoy Karaoke box to refresh yourself when you have a spare time!