Happy Nogeyama Zoo in Yokohama

We visited Nogeyama zoo today.

It is just about a right size zoo for little kids and my little boy was running all over. I admire Yokohama city to run this place as a free zoo beside Kanazawa zoo (also a free zoo) and Zoorasia (Admisson fee 600 yen/person). We would love to visit the other two in near future.

One of the most popular animals at Nogeyama Zoo is the lesser panda. He was very cute!

We have met another impressive animal, which is Tsugaru, a 38-year-old camel (camel life expectancy is about 25, making it over 100 in human years). She is an old grannie.

According to the explanation plate in the zoo, she is actually the oldest camel in the world (in capativity) and has been a resident of Nogeyama Zoo for 32 years. She is very much loved by both staff and visitors and often gets gifts from her fans. She especially likes apples. Last year, on Respect for the Aged Day (a Japanese national holiday), children and adults painted various colorful animals to replace the originally grey walls of her home as a gift.

It was really a happy place to visit!

Update on 5/26/2014 : I was saddned to learn Tsugaru passed away on 5/25 at the age of supposedly 38, making it over 120 in human years. The newpaper said she died a calm death and it was peaceful. Thank you and sleep in peace, Tsugaru.

by EmiOnishi

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