I did it! I have found the proof of the existance of incivility in Japan!

Incivility in Japan is like UFO, you can talk about it, but you never see it...

Have you ever wondered how they do it to keep their cities and public space so spic and span clean? I do. Every day I walk the streets of the city, and I am amazed by its welcoming cleanliness.

- There is no paper, not gums littering the streets. No nothing. They even do not have rubbish bins! It's a mystery. Where does Mr Proper hide?

- People walking their dog will always clean after the dog's call of nature. They have these little bottles they fill with water to clean up. It is well engineered, with a kind of dropper that sprays the water directly one the culprit. Come on, a plastic bag, a little bottle, yes, but a special pipette...

- In the train, no-one is eating. Well, good manners in public ask you not to do so. But have you ever smelled hamburger's chips in the train? Nooooooo. Of course not.

- No tags on the walls of course. Maybe that's because they do not sell paint...

- After a BBQ party in a public park, everyone cleans up everything. It's like it never happened. It's part of the fun to make everything clean.

And it is so nice to live in such conditions! You do not want to spoil your pleasure.

Really, when incivility consists of opening wide your newspaper to read it in the train, it is close to impossible to find the evidenced of something really appalling.

Beware of Bicycles!

Riding a bicycle seems to give you the right to break all behavior's code.

On a bicycle the most polite and courteous grand-ma transforms into a dangerous rebel, The Incredible Hulk. They are riding on the sidewalk aggressively, ringing their bell abusively, and if you are unlucky enough to be on the way, god save you. You better move quick and fast otherwise, you might loose a hand, teared away by the cycling grand-ma trying to cross the street before the sign gets to kind of reddish. A bus might stop her, but even though, I am not very sure of that.

And there it is: the small guilty pleasure of breaking social norm of behaving: they park their bicycle everywhere. Even in front of the big sign set up by the police that tells you that it is forbidden to park bicycle here!

by Claire

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