Staying in Roppongi, without its inconvenient: the H&R Roppongi

A pause from frantic Tokyo life!

Last week, I had to finish up a tough work, and heavy jogging was not helping structuring my mind, as it usually do. I needed something else so I decided to monaster up myself, away from the office, away from home, in a place where I would find time and atmosphere to struggle through the work successfully but in Tokyo.

I went to H&R Roppongi, guided by DJ Senpai Andrew Grimes.

H&R Roppongi is not exactly a monaster. On the contrary, right in the middle of Roppongi, this is an oasis. You will meet there designers, young people, tourists and business people, eclectic people flocking there together, like attracted by a magnet. The business lounge is designed in a retro style, a bit like in a Star Treck movie, and the wall of the coffee shop is made of vegetation. There is a complete harmony between the two that makes you feel at home.

The rooms are so very spacious, it is hard to believe it. This is Tokyo. Unless you chose the Ritz, your room will be of modest dimensions. But not here! The room is huge. Even the bath: it has the same dimension as a swimming pool! There is a huge desk, with many plugs (and that is very helpful). With just the right amount of natural and indirect light, and a very luxurous touch, albeit discreet and wrapped up in simplicity. Everything you need is there. Nothing useless will bother you. Just the right amount of everything.

I need to tell you about the bed! It is very comfortable. Difficult to explain how and why. Well, it is a big bed with a lot of space. Not too hard. Not too soft. I am still wondering who created that bed! You know, I am a heavy traveller for my job. Usually, I do not sleep well out of home. But this night at H&R Roppongi, I slept so well. It does mean something.

by Claire

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