Local Secret: Sakura at Zenpukuji

In a bid to get away from the crowds of Nakameguro, Ueno and Shinjuku, I found out about a minor sakura covered park in Nishiogikubo, about 20 minutes away from the station.

Zenpukuji is a miniaturized version of the famous Inokashira park, and has the same lovely cherry trees stretching over a duck-filled lake.

The walk to and from Zempukuji Park is pleasant, as the area is filled with antique stores, family run businesses and houses with beautifully tended gardens.

Last year my companion and I arrived after noon, but even so we got a spot right under a tree, next to the lake... anyone who has done hanami in a major city will understand how rare an occurrence this is!

The atmosphere was relaxed, but not rowdy, and there was even a bunch of musicians jamming nearby.

To get there, take the Chuo line to Nishiogikubo station.

The walk to the park is a bit long, but on the way there are several small bakeries and convenience stores, where you can stock up on snacks to nibble while enjoying the blossoms.

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by Chiara

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