Yozakura - cherry blossoms at night

Night sakura

Sakura (桜) is Japanese for cherry blossom. Yozakura (夜桜) is written with the characters for night and sakura and means viewing cherry blossoms at night. Sakura looks beautiful in the evening with the right lighting. Try both, a cherry blossom picnic during the day and an evening visit to fully enjoy sakura.

Yozakura spots in Tokyo

These are some of the places I like for yozakura viewing in Tokyo.

Chidorigafuchi Moat at the Imperial Palace

Chidorigafuchi is one side of the Imperial Garden. In the evening, the trees along the moat are illuminated and are reflected in the water. Take a walk here in the evening. The gardens inside the Imperial Palace also have beautiful cherry blossoms, but you can only go in during the day.

Zojoji Temple near Tokyo Tower

This is a temple with several buildings and sections that are always a great place for taking pictures with Tokyo Tower in the background. Around the temple there a quite a few sakura trees. Make the best of the temple halls, gates, and statues as a setting for a special picture from Japan to remember you trip.

Sumida Park in Asakusa with Tokyo Skytree in the background

Tokyo Skytree is illuminated in different colors every night. In the spring there is a special white and pink sparkling sakura design for the lights. Take a walk along the park under the sakura trees here or go on a cruise on Sumida River in a yakatabune boat for cherry blossoms and dinner.

Meguro River near Nakameguro station

Take a walk along the river. There are sakura trees planted on both sides, forming a tunnel of light blossoms that shine illuminated at night. Many small cafes and restaurants are in this area. Find one with a view of the flowers or pick up some snacks from one of the vendors who set up for the Sakura Matsuri, the cherry blossom festival here.

There are beautiful old cherry trees everywhere in Japan. Ask for a recommendation at your hotel or the local tourist information.

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