Hanami: Do it like the Japanese

Basic Hanami kit for beginners!

This is the check list of things that you absolutely need stricto minima to do your Hanami party like the Japanese!

If you have the following kit, you will look like the real part!

- blue plastic sheet: to use as a carpet. You can use one with Hello Kitty or Pikatchu but blue will do it.
- a truck of food that you can eat with your fingers if possible: onigiri, fried chicken, green beens (edamame), sushi, sandwiches. Pay attention to have a mix of everything. You can also have salads, sweets, anything basically but avoid pizza because when they are cold, they do not taste good anymore.
- beer in enough quantity. You can also have shochu, wine, any alcoholic stuff and even, yes, soft drinks.
- a funny hat. That is the must, something to disguise yourself and give a touch of happiness and unlimited fun.
- a plastic bag for your left overs. Be a good citizen and recycle, so you need a second plastic bag for the beer cans...
- if you feel like it you can take your stereo equipment to karaoke, or tramp games.
- do not forget a blanket, jumpers and windbreakers because it can get quite cold

And off you go!

by Claire

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