Japanese Vending Machines: Food Tickets

Pay and Order at the Vending Machine

Many shops and restaurants have ticket vending machines at the entrance or outside. Ramen, soba, or udon noodle stores often have them. Some gyudon restaurants like Matsuya also use the ticket machines.

To pay and order put in money and then select what you want to eat or drink. If you want to order more items select them next. As long as you put enough money in to cover the items the machine will keep printing tickets for what you order. When you are done ordering, press the "おつり" lever or button to get your change. Hand the tickets to the staff to finish your order. Then just eat and leave when you are done.

Ticket Machine Japanese

おつり: change
弁当: lunch box

ミニ: mini size
並: normal size
大: big size

定食: set menu
セット: set
サラダ: salad
トッピング: topping

You might not need any Japanese if you find a vending machine with pictures on the buttons. In that case follow the instructions given by this udon shop.

by David

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