Vegetarian in Tokyo: Kichjouji

Japan is the land of endless variations of tofu, but sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into something burger-like and protein-packed. In Japan veggie burgers and other TVP based faux-meat products are hard to find, so when the craving gets overwhelming I jump on the Inokashira line to Kichijoji, and head to Deva Deva.

They cater both to vegans and vegetarians, and their fried 'chicken' burger is a work of art. Stick with the burgers, salads and desserts, as the pizzas are a bit more hit or miss.

Deva Deva is nearby Inokashira Park, making it a great place to stop off before or after a walk in the park.

For directions, check out their site: http://www.devadevacafe.com/
For more recommendations for vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo, check out my site: http://moveovergodzilla.blogspot.jp/

by Chiara

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