Walk & Play at Sumida Park in Asakusa

Sumida Park and Tokyo Skytree

When you visit Asakusa, don't only go to Senso-ji temple. Also go to Sumida River and take a walk in Sumida Park. The park has great views of Tokyo Skytree and a big playground for children. There are also two small cafes here overlooking the river.

Take a walk - under the cherry blossoms in the spring

To reach Sumida Park go towards the river from Asakusa station or Senso-ji. For a nice walk, go across the red Azumabashi Bridge to the golden Asahi Beer building. Turn left and walk along the river to the next bridge, Kototoi-bashi. Cross it to come back to the Asakusa side. A nice playground is located next to this bridge.

During sakura time Sumida Park is a popular spot for hanami. In late March to early April the cherry blossoms are beautiful. For a quick hanami bring a drink and some snacks from a convenience store or cafe.

by David

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