Bentos from 7-11, Ito Yokado, OK stores

Bento's from 7-11 convenience stores, Ito Yokado, OK department stores

'Bento' is a take-out meal for lunch or dinner available in all parts across Japan. Although traditional bento contains rice, meat, fish and japanese pickles, it has evolved into various types, proportions and cuisines. You can find bentos serving other cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc. Almost all restaurant chains, convenience stores sell Bentos. Within office districts such as Otemachi, Shinjuku, you can also find people selling bentos on the street during lunch time.

I usually have bentos sold at from 7-11 convenience stores, Ito Yokado department stores and OK discount department stores. 7-11 bentos especially are very tasty, especially Chinese mabo tofu. Ito Yokado stores sport a separate section exclusively for Bentos which is worth visiting to kick-start your food cravings. Bentos at OK discount stores are good value for money, without compromising taste and quality.

Have fun with bentos. :)

by Samir Bodhe

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