Enjoy Japanese Chu-hi drink !

How can you make a good choice among so many Chu-hi drinks?

You will see an overwhelming numbers of Chu-hi cans lined up in a row
besides beer and wine in every convenience stores. Chu-hi is a
Japanese-shochu-based cocktail, which has now become a widely accepted
beverage nationwide in Japan with a variety of offerings such as local
fruits flavors.

As I thought many overseas visitor will have a hard time choosing a right
one among too many Chu-hi, here are my recommendations!

As for price, they cost about 150 yen for 350 ml size can and 200 yen for
long 500 ml size can.

■A wide range of delicate taste offerings

Generally, there are a lot of Chu-hi having citrus aroma or citrus flavor
such as lemon and grapefruits. When speaking of lemon flavor only, Chu-hi has a wide variety in that specific category -Sicily lemon, early picked lemon, grating lemon and honey flavored lemon to name a few. Please find your own favorite lemon flavor.
**Lemon is not your only choice. There are many more tastes to explore!

■What is the difference between "sour" and "chu-hi!?

We also have a word "sour" besides "chu-hi" drinks. Strictly speaking,
Chu-hi is based on shochu while sour is based on spirits (ex. Vodka).
However, in Japan, these definitions are often mixed up and these words are used for almost the same meaning at many izakaya (Japanese style bars).

■How to make your own customized shochu drink by squeezing fruits by

When you order Chu-hi at Izakaya, some bars serve you a glass of shochu and half-cut grapefruits so that you can squeeze them by yourself. This will be an unique experience with a lot of fun, but you will be tired of making your own after a couple of glasses. You can feel free to ask them to make it for you in such a case :-).

There will be a lot of Hanami parties and BBQ events as spring comes from
now on. Bring your favorite Chu-hi drinks together with beer and wine in
such an occasion!

by fujimorison

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